So. I haven’t written a blog in a really. Long. Time. Sorry about that. But my friend (Summer, you’re awesome) convinced me to….so here goes.

So, in July of 2011, J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series (duh. What rock have you been under?), announced a new Harry Potter based website, called Pottermore. Being the Harry Potter nerd that I am, I had a mini heart attack. She said there would be a “magical quill challenge”, where 1,000,000 Harry Potter fans could try to get into the BETA testing. Unfortunately, I was at summer camp (BEST FRIKKIN SUMMER CAMP EVER) during the magical quill challenge, so I missed my opportunity.

I didn’t freak out though, because it was supposed to be open for everyone at the end of September. September came, and went. Pottermore status: still BETA. Oh but, yay! Pottermore will be open by the end of November! Only a few months from now. November came, and went. Pottermore status: still BETA. Oh look! It’s supposed to be open at the beginning of January! January came, and–you get the point.

FINALLY. FINALLY. It was confirmed that Pottermore would be open to the public at the beginning of April. I checked every day, until finally, POTTERMORE IS OPEN. I wasted no time in signing up. I got the conformation email, I’m all excited, and it says, “You’re on the first step to be able to explore Pottermore! Just wait for your next email!” I’m like, okay, I can handle that. The next email comes two days later. “Just click this link, and we’ll send you the final conformation email.” I’m like, THANK GOD. After that everything goes smoothly. But really Jo? Pottermore was 8 months late opening. I expect more from you.

Oh, and just to let you know, RAVENCLAW FAH LIFE.



Why? WHY??????????????????

I don’t know how many people have had this happen to them, but if you’ve avoided it so far–keep up the good work!

What is this mysterious “OUCHY” you may ask? Oh, nothing much. Just getting your earring stuck inside your ear! Yeah. You read that right. My gold, tear/raindrop shaped stud got stuck inside my hole. And now I have to let it close up. Oh, well. My mom never liked that hole much anyway.

Now it’s not really the fact that I have to let the hole close up, so much as the fact that THE EARRING HURT COMING OUT. So, on Friday night, I was like to my mom, “Hey, Mom. My earring looks like it’s stuck in my ear a bit.” She inspected it, and yeah, it was in a little bit. We had made an appointment for my physical on Monday, so we decided to wait until then to ask the doctor about it. The next morning I woke up, and my earring had practically disappeared into my ear! For a second I wondered if it was actually still there. It was.

We drove to the doctor, waited those few, nervous-making moments in the waiting room, and then entered the room. I was scared as it was, but then the doctor announced that the only anesthetic used would  be ice! I was like, “What if it doesn’t work?” and the doctor was like, “Don’t worry. I’ve done this once before, the person couldn’t feel a thing.” Yeah, right!

Okay, so think of the worst pain you’ve had, multiply it by ten, and transfer all that pain to your left earlobe. That amount of pain should be…nowhere near what it felt like. It was supposed to only “take a second or two”. Try a minute or two! And then afterwards, the doctor was about to throw out the $45 dollar golden earring, thank you very much I’ll keep that. But I didn’t say that immediately afterwards because my stomach hurt, I was super hot, and I had a headache.


-I ❤

Uhhh, Twins, LicorishGirlies, Gmail Chat, Turtle Soup…What??????

I DUNNO WHAT TO WRITE. When I first opened up a new post I was like, “Yay! New post! So cool! I can’t wait to write!” And now, after twenty minutes of staring at a blank screen, I still got nothing. Can somebody help me? No? Why not? Oh, yeah. Right. You’re inside my computer…ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. I wish I had a twin. Cause then, no matter what, she would have to stick with me. And then I wouldn’t even have to do split screen in iMovie cause I would already have one built into my life! How cool would that be?? I guess you people with twins out there probably think I’m weird…but you’ve never not had a twin! So you don’t know how cool the concept of that is. Like, two people who look exactly (or not so exactly if you’re talking fraternal) alike but are different people! It’s mind-boggling. Mind-bloggling. Haha.

Thanks a lot LicorishGirlies! Now I can’t that frikkin song out of my head (you should go check out their YouTube channel!). Wow. I am super scatter brained today. One moment I have no clue what to write and the next I’m talking about twins, and then a second after that I’m telling you to go check out the LicorishGirlies on YouTube. BLERGHITY. BLARGHITY. Sooooooooooooooo…I feel like I’m in Gmail chat and there’s an awkward break in the conversation where everybody’s like, “sooooooooooooooooooooo” and then you’re like, “yup :)”, or is that just me?

Oooooooh. I have a riddle! So there is a shipwreck and eleven people survive and end up on a deserted island. One man is blind and he pairs up with someone else and each night they feast on turtle soup, and after nine days, by the time a helicopter comes to rescue them, they are the only two still alive since one of the other men died each night. Anyway, they go back to civilization and after a couple months in the hospital, they head of their separate ways. So one day, the blind man is walking down the street with his friend (not the other guy on the island) and his friend says, “Hey, look. That place is serving turtle soup! Want to get some?” So the blind man says sure and they go inside and each order a bowl of turtle soup. The blind man takes one sip of the soup, puts it down, goes home, and kills himself. Why? If anyone answers, then I’ll post the correct answer in my next post.

-I ❤

Dating, Dances, and Drama

Okay, so my school is having a dance with the entire school; us measly sixth graders, the we’re-so-awesome-cause-we’re-older-than-you seventh graders, and then those huge, dominating eighth graders who really couldn’t care less “cause we’re graduating in five months.”  And everyone in my grade is freaking out cause they don’t have a date. That is, except for me and my besties. We’re just going as a group 🙂

Anyway, like half the kids-kids being the key word here-are like, “Omigod, I need blah blah blah to ask me out otherwise I will wither and die in the shame of BEING IN FRIKKIN SIXTH GRADE AND NOT HAVING A FRIKKIN DATE!” Okay, well, that last part was me talking. But seriously guys, we’re eleven. Fine, some of us are twelve. And then some of us are FRIKKIN TEN. I’ll admit it, I have a crush on somebody, but I don’t want to go out with them! I mean, some people in my grade are dating! But it’s not even dating. It’s not like they go out to the movies together and make out, they’ll just be like, yeah, we’re dating. AND THEN THEY DON’T FRIKKIN DO ANYTHING. And then when “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” go to the dance “together” they’re not even going to do anything together. They’ll probably just split up to go hang out with their friends. So anyway, one of my besties is a boy and everyone thinks we’re dating cause we hang out together. I mean, really? Is it illegal to hang out with somebody a different gender than you and not date them?

And if it isn’t enough that everyone at my school is screaming cause their crush likes somebody else, my friends from other schools drag me into the drama at their school with kids whose names I don’t even know! My friend was like to me (and I’m obviously substituting names), “So Amanda was dating Fred, but then Fred liked Lily, so Lily and Fred started dating cause Rachel found out that Lily liked Fred and then she told Amanda who got really pissed and then Kevin started dating Rachel, even though Rachel knew perfectly well that Amanda liked Kevin…” And I’m like WTF. I don’t even know these people, let alone care what’s going on in their social life!

-I ❤

The foreword of this blog.

Well, this is my first post on idreaminroses. I have had several previous blogs, none of which amounted to really…anything. Cross your fingers that this one is more successful. I know I sure am.

Ever since I was a kid, I–scratch that. I am a kid. Ever since forever, I have loved to write. In second grade I would write short stories about damsels in distress, and the knights in shining armor who come to rescue them. In third and fourth grade, my friends and I would bring our notebooks downstairs, and write joint stories together during lunch and recess. In fifth grade, we became even more reclusive and started staying upstairs in the classroom during lunch to write in peace. My goal of writing a novel came about out of nowhere, slipping through the past dreams of singing, acting, and owning a theme toy store, to become my one, true, shining goal. In sixth grade (this year!) thanks to YouTube, I discovered NaNoWriMo (NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth) and though I didn’t achieve the goal of 50,000 words, I did make it to 11,000, which is a big breakthrough for me considering all of my past stories have been 3-400 words. (By the way, for those who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, I suggest you Google it.) That’s probably why my past blogs have failed.

But writing is such a big part of my life, that I just know this blog can’t fail.

-I ❤